Saturday, February 9, 2008

Painting Marathon

Today we started painting at 9 a.m. and worked to 5 with a short break for lunch. I did 4 paintings, not completely finished but close. We were instructed to work silently and just enjoy the process without trying to create a polished product. Jonas and Kat circulated asking about our thoughts and offering some of their own which frequently came in the form of more questions. The one above (tempera 20 X 24) started as a stylized self portrait. I rotated it and the temple emerged.

Another full day of painting tomorrow in Jonas'
huge studio space. A pic of his painting table, a
work of art in itself, is here. He uses the edge of the table to wipe his brushes. Years of accumulated acrylic paint has totally covered the table edge with a rainbow coloured coral reef.

1 comment:

Wayne said...

There are a multitude of images in this piece. I rotated it on my screen and decided that your presentation was the better one.
Electric blue sparks and flashes emanate from the static electricity generator(your temple). On the lower right - appears like arms reaching out, pleading for release. The space resonates in waves of blue energy -there are slight swashes of colour that evoke a lack of confidence on your part. Perhaps you were reluctant to reveal your muse. There are so many conflicting impulses here - a desire to reveal and celebrate in the revelation, and yet, there is a need to hold back. The brushstrokes are deliberate and "controlled" - yet there are broad sweeping strokes where you give it your all. I can see your journey here. You are certainly reaching a deeper level of your desire to fully express yourself through your art.
The temple with the very dark, black door, is where you enshrine your creativity. All around there is chaos and dread.
This is not bleak. You are on a voyage of discovery - and it takes a monumentous stuggle to overcome the old paradigms. This is your rennaisance. Revel in it!!