Friday, October 23, 2009

Blurb - publish your art!

Another way to spend a lot of time at the computer and not in your studio?  Make a book!  The site I used was Blurb and I created a little journal with 35 of my paintings and some cool quotes.  Here it is, you can flip through the entire book:

I've come to appreciate how my record keeping and pictures files are sorely lacking.  I needed both to create the book and discovered I have no pictures of 2 pieces I've sold and have no dimensions for several others.  Some of the jpegs were really low resolution and unusable.  This could become a problem if I am suddenly important in the art world.  Uh huh.
I'll be buying a few copies of the book for friends and family once I've seen the quality of the first one I ordered today.  The colour reproductions will have to be spot on, crisp and accurate...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Artsy weekend

We had a lovely day in Perth for the Strange and Beautiful opening at the Tay River Gallery.  The show looked great, Lisa manged to get 7 of my pieces mounted, quite a challenge as the work is so diverse.  The other particpating artists were from the Perth area or nearby in Quebec, most were able to attend the opening and it is always a true delight to meet new "colleagues."  The pic on the right shows me at the Tay River Gallery with "Behold" hung vertically. Not the first time I've had pieces wired for more than one hanging option!  It is such a bold painting so unlike my calm, shy pieces!

Today I visited a few local artists who were part of the Town and Country Studio Tour in Kingston and northward.  Of course Sally Chupick's landscapes and florals were lovely, Nasturtiums was exquisite, tho the photo here doesn't do it justice.  I was very impressed with Michele LaRose's abstracts.  My favourite was one called Provence, click to have a look.  After a long drive down a twisty gravel road we came upon Bear Bottom Studio.  It looked like some hobbits might be nearby!  Have a look at the link to see Jamie Brick's fanciful work.  Jamie's website will tell you this:
Abandoned as an infant, Jamie Brick was taken in and raised by a pack of wild medieval rabbits. This unusual upbringing reflects in this artist's eyes as he sculpts, stone, wood and mixed media into creatures from a world that lies just left of centre.

The fall has been packed with shows.  Now it's time to settle down and get back to my studio and get to work.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Focus Art Juried Show October 7, 2009

Last night we attended the annual Focus Art show in Cornwall; I had 3 pieces chosen for this juried event.  It has been some time since I was in downtown Cornwall and I was amazed at the transformation in the last few years: loads of waterfront greenspace, interesting shops, excellent restaurants and art galleries!  We entered the imposing Cornwall Public Library to find over 75 pieces of art on display, an impressive and highly diverse show.   The "gallery space" was not large but very well lit, elegant, and directly adjacent to the reading room.  The Focus Art group did a wonderful job setting the work up as they have NO access to wall space! 

Shortly after the opening, prizes were announced in various cateogories.  I was thrilled and amazed to be called up for Honourable Mention (acrylics) for my little piece called Red Skies. 

Red Skies  5" X 7"

A few minutes later I was called again!  I also got First Prize in the acrylics category for this piece:

           Natural Order #1     24" X 36"

Thank you judges, thank you Focus Art! 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More good news!

Today we drove back to Perth to deliver 2 more pieces for the "Strange and Beautiful" show; that makes 7 contributions from me.  Eight other artists have been chosen to participate and I had an opportunity to see some of the very impressive work Lisa Brown (gallery owner) was getting ready to mount. 

When I got home I had a phone message with more good news.  Last week I  submitted 3 pieces to the FOCUS ART (Eastern Ontario Visual Arts Association) Juried Show in Cornwall.  All 3 were accepted!  More about that later...

I think maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!