Friday, January 29, 2010

Heading south...

Georgia Trees 24 X 30"

Last winter we spent a month in Georgia on Saint Simons Island.  The attraction for most visitors is the oceanfront, for me it is the trees.  Live oaks with Spanish moss and Resurrection ferns are like little communites or big mamas with numerous interesting children onboard or flitting about.  We're heading back there next week and I plan to take this painting with me.  I need to revisit  Saint Simons Park and decide if it is done.  Then start on some more tree portraits.  Maybe this gracious one:


Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's up? Two new works in progress...

Most of my very wet acrylics are quite small, the one above is the start of a bigger canvas, 34" X 34".  I'm not sure the technique suits this larger format.  This piece may or may not evolve in the same way as the smaller (5" X 7") controlled pieces.  Because it is big and wet, it needs a lot of room.  I have to work flat on the table and let it dry.  So I switch to another work in progress, one on the easel, like this one  (30" X 30") :


Not at all like the other but that's me - consistently producing a body of work that covers a whole menu of  art entrees .  A few weeks ago at the Kingston Arts & Letters Club two local writers, Steven Heighton and Susan Olding, spoke about adopting different genres or approaches to writing depending on the inspiration or content of the work.  Kindred spirits, I could relate.  The top painting seems to be a poem, an idyll.  The lower one is defintely prose, creative nonfiction.