Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's up? Two new works in progress...

Most of my very wet acrylics are quite small, the one above is the start of a bigger canvas, 34" X 34".  I'm not sure the technique suits this larger format.  This piece may or may not evolve in the same way as the smaller (5" X 7") controlled pieces.  Because it is big and wet, it needs a lot of room.  I have to work flat on the table and let it dry.  So I switch to another work in progress, one on the easel, like this one  (30" X 30") :


Not at all like the other but that's me - consistently producing a body of work that covers a whole menu of  art entrees .  A few weeks ago at the Kingston Arts & Letters Club two local writers, Steven Heighton and Susan Olding, spoke about adopting different genres or approaches to writing depending on the inspiration or content of the work.  Kindred spirits, I could relate.  The top painting seems to be a poem, an idyll.  The lower one is defintely prose, creative nonfiction.  


Anonymous said...

The diversity of your work is amazing. Your blog continues to surprise. S

Silverbear said...

I am drawn more to the top piece than to the lower one. I like the varietions of intensity as my eye moves from the bottom to the top of the canvas. It is very contemplative - very restful - I can almost sense the wave action of the brush strokes.
The lower piece is dynamic - set apart by vertical layers of colour - there is a lot happening here - I can almost "hear" the movement of the shapes as they interact. Very vibrant!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hennie,
Funny, I feel the opposite to Silverbear...I am definately drawn to the bottom makes me sit up and take notice; and there is lots to explore looking around th work. Love the colours too.