Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bubble and Squeak

I have now done 6 of these little mini landscapes. Each is 5"' X 7 with many layers of very wet paint applied using sponges, rags, brushes and my fingers. These are all on masonite board; those I did on canvas panels are not as effective. The canvas texture interfers with the glazing effects I am after.

I plan to exhibit them at the eee show next week. Naming them is going to be a challenge. Perhaps Bubble for the one above and Squeak for the one on the left?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Great Week Working with Megan Hinton!

Here's a final shot of Megan Hinton's new studio which our group christened. The 5 afternoons examining abstract representational painting was time very well spent. Although the demos on colour, value etc were not new information the treatment of each was new and Megan's approach reflected a style and method that was unique. I have a new respect for black paint, charcoal, the palette knife and drawing with paint.
It is wonderful to see how other artists work. Most of the time we artists work alone. I wonder if we could be more like musicians, play and create together. We can "listen" to the music our fellow artists play.

PAAM (Provincetown Art Association and Museum) has an amazing roster of classes. It will be hard to return to Cape Cod and not consider another class with Megan.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Colour Color

Yesterday's studio lesson was supposed to focus on colour but we all got yakking and working so Megan didn't have time to do her demo.
The weather has improved and we finally walked one of the many beaches which are all very clean and serene.
The old weather beaten ball above was a beautiful piece of flotsam.

Or is it jetsam?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lesson 3: Value

Today Megan started off by mixing 2 blues: cobalt and ultramarine. Next she created a varied palette by adjusting the value of the mixture by adding black and white to varying degrees. From there she proceeded to paint a quick value study of one of the objects in the still life collection.

After the demo I worked from a photo I took while in England, one of the woodsy canals. I like the compostion but am not yet happy with the colour and brushwork. Here it is:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lesson 2: Shape

Today Megan started with a demonstration that focused on shape while painting with a palette knife. I too focused on shape but started with line and quickly moved to emphasize the forms of the various items (old cameras, radios, phones, cans etc.) I used only blue, yellow, orange and white. The limited number of colours unified the odd shapes. I plan to add more white and emphasize the darks as well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Abstract representation with Megan Hinton - Lesson 1: Line

Above, an abstracted representational photo of the Cape Cod shore by water on the windshield and HM.
A brief break in the big wind and steady rain allowed for a more traditional view of the dunes:

Greetings from Cape Cod! I am here with hubby and pooch to attend a workshop on abstract representational painting with PAAM (Provincetown Art Association and Museum). Our instructor is Megan Hinton and we are working in her new studio in Wellfleet. Today's session focused on line as one of the 5 basic elements in visual art. After a brief demonstration the group began working on a abstracted still life based on objects Megan had set up to inspire us.

Here's my work so far. Starting with line is new for me, but I like it! Megan also adds line as she works, sometimes using charcoal. I am seeing changes I want to make but this one was nice and quick.

Despite the stormy weather this is a beautiful place! A couple more photos:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

eee Show Coming Soon!

Seismia 8" X 10" (HM)

I've just finished writing a little description of our upcoming show. Hopefully we can get some good press and get lots of folks out. Here is our "press release"

The “eee” show is an unusual name for an unusual art show
which opens July 9th at the Wilson Room at the Kingston Public Library.
The show owes its theme to the proliferation of e descriptors
in the art world. Artists explore, examine, evolve and may
finally leave the emergent field to become known as established artists. The artists represented in the eee show will cover all these e’s and promise not to evoke the commonplace. Prepare for a highly diverse and stimulating exhibition!

Sheila Dunkinson is an emerging artist whose work reflects an intimate connection to the natural world. Organic forms are interpreted through bold use of colour, pattern and shape.

Irina Skvortsova is a multi-media artist, working in both
traditional print and painting and experimental community arts
collaborations. The eee show will feature Irina’s unique and intriguing

Hennie Marsh has been creating richly textured and abstracted landscapes pushing the potential of acrylic paint using various
mediums and tools. Her work is constantly evolving and attests to her
strong belief that consistency is highly overrated.

Ben Darrah is an established artist who portrays a playful exploration of elements in mixed media work. His choices reflect a curiosity in elevating an everyday, recognizable, common object or image to the status of scrutinized subject.

Terry Culbert is a writer and illustrator whose paintings represent daily life in Kingston and Amherst Island. His work is often whimsical and
humourous; each canvas tells a tale.

The opening reception is from 7 to 9 pm on Thursday July 9th. The show continues to July 29 during regular library hours at 130 Johnson Street.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More hot stuff

" The Way I Remember It" 16 X 20"

Another one with lots of hot colours, maybe it's the summer influence, maybe it's Fred Williams. More fun with drips, drops and very wet acrylics. I think it's ready for the show on July 9th. Maybe just a little more green....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trio done

Here they are finished, more or less.
A lot more colour and a lot more detail now.
I worked on all three simultaneously,
trying to make sure they each had some
unique features while the palette is fairly consistent.
Iceland or Australia - take your pick!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Size matters?

These are works in progress, very small, 5 by 7 inches each. I haven't done any work this tiny before but am enjoying focusing down. Once again I'm letting the water do it's thing and I'll be adding more of "my thing" as they reach completion. Can you see the Icelandic landscape that inspired these?