Wednesday, June 17, 2009

eee Show Coming Soon!

Seismia 8" X 10" (HM)

I've just finished writing a little description of our upcoming show. Hopefully we can get some good press and get lots of folks out. Here is our "press release"

The “eee” show is an unusual name for an unusual art show
which opens July 9th at the Wilson Room at the Kingston Public Library.
The show owes its theme to the proliferation of e descriptors
in the art world. Artists explore, examine, evolve and may
finally leave the emergent field to become known as established artists. The artists represented in the eee show will cover all these e’s and promise not to evoke the commonplace. Prepare for a highly diverse and stimulating exhibition!

Sheila Dunkinson is an emerging artist whose work reflects an intimate connection to the natural world. Organic forms are interpreted through bold use of colour, pattern and shape.

Irina Skvortsova is a multi-media artist, working in both
traditional print and painting and experimental community arts
collaborations. The eee show will feature Irina’s unique and intriguing

Hennie Marsh has been creating richly textured and abstracted landscapes pushing the potential of acrylic paint using various
mediums and tools. Her work is constantly evolving and attests to her
strong belief that consistency is highly overrated.

Ben Darrah is an established artist who portrays a playful exploration of elements in mixed media work. His choices reflect a curiosity in elevating an everyday, recognizable, common object or image to the status of scrutinized subject.

Terry Culbert is a writer and illustrator whose paintings represent daily life in Kingston and Amherst Island. His work is often whimsical and
humourous; each canvas tells a tale.

The opening reception is from 7 to 9 pm on Thursday July 9th. The show continues to July 29 during regular library hours at 130 Johnson Street.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Hennie! This is a fun one to look at. Have a great time on your painting workshop / holiday. See you at eee.

Silverbear said...

Tremendous amount of activity in this piece. Love the shading. This one REALLY reminds me of Iceland. Falling snow above and a warm mantle below, with glacier in between.