Friday, February 29, 2008

Art and Wine, a perfect match

Last fall my husband picked a pail full of wild grapes from the neighbour's fence. He has produced 4 bottles of his "Mowat Ave Red Fox Wine" as he calls it. Not to be outdone by the vineyards who commission artists to create labels, I was asked to print out 4 of my pastoral scenes for his exclusive and very limited varietal. Some vineyards pay the artists outright; others supply them with wine. I think I'll go for the latter.
Here in Ontario the Hillebrand Winery in Grimsby has an annual contest for artists:

"Our long standing support of the arts comes to life in Artist Series. Each bottle features the original work of an Ontario artist, a beautiful piece that captures the spirit of our province and shows the incredible talent found here. Inside the bottle is the work of our talented winemaker, Darryl Brooker. "
You can see some of the past winners here.
Next time you visit the LCBO remember to support the wineries that support the arts!


Kim said...

Thank you so much for this are right! Your wine bottle labels are beautiful! Do you think you and your husband might be starting a joint venture here? "Saunte" (sorry I don't have the accent marks) to both of you for work well done!

G said...

I really like the labels, got the idea from a book I read about winemaking. One of the big French wineries does it, they are majorly collectible (each vintage label is done by a famous artist). Could be one of the Rothschilds? Anyway, I can hardly wait for this wine to age enough to drink. The wine was made form some local wild grapes that are called Fox Grapes, hence the name. Also, wild grape wine is said to have a "foxy" taste. Right now it's very tart, so probably at least six months before it's drinkable. In the meantime, we can enjoy your lables.