Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Double Feature" Opening on Sunday!

Evening, acrylic on canvas 24 X 36

Dave, at Frameworks, has called our show "Double Feature" as 2 artists are showing new work. As well as my quirky landscapes, Sally Chupick has a large number of her sumptuous landscapes, cityscapes and florals in the show. I have 15 unusual pieces on display, all new, completed within the last few months. Despite the variety of interpretation in my work I am consistently examining landscape, some pieces quite representational and others more abstract, patterned or atmospheric. I like to discover new approaches so I'm not sure I will ever leave my period of "artistic gymnastics" as VanGogh called his stylistic explorations. The one above was finished yesterday with the blow dryer hastening the varnish so it could be delivered to the gallery. Our show opens on Sunday from 1-4pm. Sally and I have our tiaras polished and shoes shined so we hope to see you there. The art will be on display until April 30. Frameworks is at the corner of Princess and Montreal, in downtown Kingston.


painterchum said...

Hey, this one's real nice Hennie. Look forward to seeing it up close and personal.

Wayne said...

This piece is not as definitive as your other work, but I like the line and the contrast of the bright gold along the ridge of pale orange. My eye is drawn to that line which evokes an evening sunset. I am reminded of an evening scene in the wilds of Wyoming. A broad rolling prairie with ribbons of gulches and a pale gold sky towering over it all. It looks almost as if this is a prepratory work, not yet clearly thought out. It expresses a new facet of your style.