Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Now What" is nearing completion

still untitled, acrylic on canvas 24 X 36

Today I worked on this piece, I posted an image of the underpainting earlier this week and waited for the inspiration muse to arrive. Putting work aside when I am at an impasse seems to be a good strategy but it means a lot of unfinished work sitting around the studio. I'm also waiting to decide if a piece is finished. Sometimes it looks great when I stop for the day and the next morning it may look like poop! Right now I'm thinking this one might be close to DONE. The layers are formal, somewhat meditative and playful too. Hints at a natural order that keeps us on an even keel. It has my landscape line thing going on so maybe you can see some consistency with other recent work.


Anonymous said...

My "eye" divided this into 2 segments. First was the honeycombed sufaces, then the top section - the style I am more familiar with.
The texture is much smoother -
You love layering - especially in the last few pieces that you've completed. An emotional landscape of sorts.
This is almost bi-polar. The dark colours below - thick and emphatic - the top much calmer - even the vertical lines are of 2 colours.
The top band of greyish blue borders the bank of grey green - which I find most alluring.
The bottom half is intense - the top half is senstive and fragile.

Anonymous said...

Think you've got just enough texture/colour variation to satisfy,so callin' it quits is probably the thing to do..
Me gusto mucho!
Reminds me of flying into the airport..Calgary would have those gold fields, but probably not the lodge poles(?) popping up from it... Cheers, Chris

EJ said...

Don't they say the center of the earth is molten metal or something? (Not sure who they are.... but.... well..)
That's what I'm thinking when I look at this - how insulated the surface is from the heat within. I love the cool color transition zone between the warm, almost hot colors and the more neutral upper area. The suggestion of a cross-section view is interesting as well.
Of course, I might be missing the point entirely, but the fact is that I find this piece arresting and visually drawing me in. I'd say it's done. And it's done very well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is beautiful :)
Something in the gold squares that I really like.