Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hundertwasser's House - done?

Hundertwasser's House, 24" X 36 mixed media

I've adjusted the colours somewhat, highlighting the edges and smaller forms. I think it is done tho' the lower half seems quite dark.... What do you think?


painterchum said...

I like that the lower half is darker, it gives depth to the piece. Love the lighter bits that you have accented. I think it is perfect just the way it is. Great job. very exciting.

Grydn said...

Yah, It's done!! I love it!

Wayne said...

You have made this much more dramatic. The detail is more differentiated which gives a more focused view of the arrangemnt of the shapes and patterns. I've noticed that you've added a few more figures to the scene. It would be interesting to know why you chose this particular shading and colour. I wonder if you resisted the vivid colours that Hundertwasser is famous for. This is somewhat subdued - almost religious.
Is that you and Asta at the bottom centre?

Artmosphere said...

Hi Wayne! It looks like Asta alright, jumping up. Perhaps it is Hundertwasser himself with Asta? The figures were there before but needed the highlights to bring them out.
I chose the earthy colours to give it warmth and to hint that this could be made of natural materials (which it isn't!). Thanks for the comments, Hennie

Kim said...

I like the changes you have made, but think doing anything to the lower part would take away some of the brilliance of it!

These are absolutely phenomenal pieces!

I will be eager to hear about the show, too!