Monday, March 24, 2008

Hundertwasser's House

Here it is with the first layer of colour. I'm pleased with the composition but not sure how far to take the colours, more highlights are needed to define the smaller figures and forms. As it is highly textured I may just keep it limited to earthy tones with of course a gold dome. It wouldn't be Hundertwasser without this bit of gilt. You can compare it to the sketch below to see where I have made some adjustments. This technique of cutting and pasting allows me to move the shapes around to get just the composition I want before I glue it permanently. Then the colour work begins.

The piece below is another I've done using the same techniques, this one was inspired by a Byzantine Madonna and a large female salmon with eggs. A slight force fit of ideas but both images were in my mind at the time.

Iconic Form, mixed media on board 21" X 26


Wayne said...

This bas relief form is a style that you have experimented with before. I recall viewing another piece that you were working on, some time ago.
After viewing several examples of Hundertwasser's work, I can certainly see the influence he has had on this piece. It strikes me as a snapshot of a village in Italy (Sienna), with the imposing tower. But much more. The background is muted against the bright golden dome. There is a religious significance to the dome which travels back over a millenium. The dome once signified the ascent into heaven, the pinnacle of earthly wisdom, and was only to be found in the most holy places around the globe, i.e Dome of the Rock. Recently however, it has taken on a more pedestran role - capping legislative buildings, state and provincial capitols. But, it overpowers the piece and gives a special meaning to this composition.
Yet, I must also admit that this might be a biosphere, lit from within - placed within a modern neo-classically designed village. Either interpretation works.
Your lines are fluid and well balanced, mindful of Hundertwasser's own methods. There is a marvellous contrast between the shapes - this is soooo.. tactile - I really want to reach out and feel it's lines and textures, which would reinforce the visual impression of the piece. It teases and challenges the eye. But, that is the hallmark of Hundertwasser's style - I think that he would approve!! Five stars!!!!!

painterchum said...

Love this, it is ordered, playful, but beautifully balanced, I like the gentle harmony of colour too. I agree with Wayne, Hundertwasser's influence is definately there. well done.

Artmosphere said...

Wayne, Sally thank you for your comments. I've tweaked the colours a bit and will repost shortly. It is gratifying that you see "playful" and "well balanced". Sometimes it just flows and this was one of those times!

Thanks! Hennie

Kim said...

These are really breathtaking! I understand what you mean about bringing up the colors of the Hundertwasser House one, but it is very beautiful as it stands, too.

The Byzantine Madonna is incredible and the addition of the eggs is brilliant!

I Love These!

Artmosphere said...

Thanks Kim, I'll be showing both pieces at an upcoming show and am ready to start another! Hennie