Friday, March 7, 2008

Bjork Speaks About Poets

Bloggers love to get comments. One of my regular and most dependable responders is W. He doesn't always use the same moniker but you know it is W if the comment is lengthy, incredibly erudite and astute! W writes poetry and reviews art too. This post is for you W, thanks for your steady input on those quiet days when it seems know one is out there. Here's a very young Bjork with her thoughts about poets. (click on her name to get the video)

As an aside Bjork's longtime partner is Matthew Barney, a performance artist and filmaker. Check him out on Youtube if you really want to see something bizarre. Here he is in Cremaster 4. Can you imagine having these two over for dinner?

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Wayne said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am on a journey of a different sort, and it is as enriching for me to accompany you on your creative journey. As I travel across the continent, I marvel at mountain peaks, the vast emptiness of the great plains and the simple charm of a small village nestled in a valley. I always wonder what I shall see over the next hill and around the next corner. I have the same sense of anticipation whenever I open your page and discover another work that both challenges and excites my imagination. So far, I have not been disappointed.
We need you to continue on your personal voyage of discovery. The work that you display here resonates with all of us - your audience - and we are the better for it.