Wednesday, April 2, 2008


"Slow Dance in the Moonlight" 18 X 36 acrylic on canvas

Sally Chupick and I continue to have our work on display at Frameworks gallery until April 25. On the weekend I had a happy surprise, an email from someone who had just purchased the painting above, the 5th one to sell since the show opened! I've never done this well before so I am pretty excited and of course motivated to do more. It has been a revelation to see what has sold and what hasn't. A couple of my favourites are still available (Red Hills, True North) and a couple that I wasn't even sure about showing, have sold. I had neglected to take a picture of one, being pretty sure it would be coming back home. So you just never know...


Kim said...

You should be very jazzed about is a great painting!


Wayne said...

I love the way that you move from the earthy tones to the brighter shades. The entire canvas is like a kaleidescopic dream. The arcing of your ribbons of colour convey a swaying motion - thus the dance. The moon is a warm glow in a pale sky. I can hear Neil Young singing "Harvest Moon" in the background.
This is fabulous and I am not at all surprised that it sold.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Wayne and Kim! The buyer of this piece has invited me to his house to see the "Dance" in its new home. What a treat! Hennie

Anonymous said...

Amazing growth in painting...pity you cannot show in a gallery in Australia! Think what the Red Earth would do to influence you! (this is a HINT, btw)
and how do I get your paintings here?