Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Enough Eyeballs?

Homage # 2, 24 X 36, WIP: work in progress

Now that I've posted this here I can see a couple of colour adjustments I need to do, but how about the flying eyeballs? Are there enough? This is the second homage piece to Hundertwasser and is more fanciful than the first. I love the streaming windows, an image one sees frequently in his work. Hundertwasser thought windows had "rights" ie the right to be prominent and the right to house trees which of course had rights too. Trees had the right to have a special floor all their own and windows just for their growth. Below is one of his sketches for how this might work:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hennie,
this is so exciting, so fun and so whimsical...must be a joy working on it.