Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spinning my Wheels

It has not been easy get back to work in the studio. While I've been in there almost every day I have little to show for my efforts so far. Two months away has filled me with a tremendous amount of stimulation and my brain whirs with anticipation of creating a masterpiece! I can see the finished product but the road is not clear. I am frustated with the quick drying time of acrylics but also seduced by it. It may be time to head back to oils for a while.

I did tweak this one, so now it is ready for an upcoming show:

"Grow Baby Grow" 24 X 24 acrylic on canvas


Silverbear said...

It's as if you've taken a sabbatical from the studio to experience the ambience and artistic stimulation of new and exotic landscapes. It will take a while for you to focus on a direction that will produce exciting and dramatic work. Be patient with yourself. It will come.
Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy all the vibrating energy in this piece Hennie, and the title's perfect.
being in the studio, allowing yourself the play time you need... it's all important.