Monday, November 24, 2008


Grasslands 20 X 40
I finished this last week but it was lacking in depth and the colours were a little flat too. I'm happier with it now, especially the sky. If you click on the image you will see at least 8 glazes in the sky. I've done several landscapes like this. The strong and simple horizontal is always a big attraction for me. Perhaps having lived near a strong horizontal for most of my life (Lake Ontario) I am compelled to paint it, tho rarely in the form of water. Tomorrow this piece heads to LSP Designs for a show with 12 other recent paintings. The show runs til Christmas and some of the proceeds go to a charity called Kingston Grandmother Connection. KGC is a fund-raising organization in support of African grandmothers raising their grandchildren. I hope we both do well!

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Silverbear said...

You've returned to your "roots". This is the style that I am familiar with and enamoured of. Your remark concerning horizons answers one of my curiosities - living close to a large body of water will have that effect on you. I have noticed it out here on Vancouver Island as well.
Strong brushstrokes. The sky contrasts quite nicely with the foreground. As I look closely at the sky - the colours seem to move and bleed into one another.Very dynamic.
This should sell!!