Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Art for Heritage at St. George's Cathedral


Here are 2 small landscapes framed and ready for the show at St. George's "Art for Heritage" on Friday and Saturday.  Each is 5 X 7".  Framing was a challenge.   I convinced The Framer to mount the boards on the frames rather than behind as is typical.  The paintings are tiny and putting them behind would cover half an inch, too much.  So The Framer glued wooden dowels to the back of each board and surface mounted them.  They sit in a little bevel that fits them perfectly.  They look wonderful!  Thank you Sweetie.

The show is on Friday October 2, 6:30 -9:00
and Saturday October 3rd, 10:00 -3pm.  Over 60 artists are participating with funds raised being directed to building restoration.


Silverbear said...

Very impressive presentation.
Good luck at the show Henny!!

Faith-Magdalene said...

I have such a sigh of peace when I look at these two works. They are simply wonderful.