Sunday, January 25, 2009

Opening Night for the Madonnas!

"Isis Dreams of Horus" mixed media. H. Marsh

It was a busy evening on the Kingston arts scene last night with at least 3 openings, ours at Sandra Whitton Gallery, another across the street at Aroma and another at Gallery Raymond. The snapping cold weather didn't seem deter anyone as the gallery was packed for our Black Madonnas opening. Tim out did himself with amazing "black" foods like marmite, olives, dates, blackberries etc. I contributed licorice, cookies with black sprinkles. Later dark cakes and what looked like black rice crispy squares arrived. No black drinks tho there was plenty of the red stuff! Despite all this, the art managed to hold its own. Some patrons even claimed they saw a Madonna moving.... The carefully selected music was drowned out pretty quickly by enthusiastic chatter. Here's a very little sample of the event, click on the arrow:

And a few photos:


Silverbear said...

Fabulous turnout Hennie. You must be very happy with the size of the crowd braving the bitter chills of Kingston. Looks like you had fun!

Where did you get your inspiration for "Isis Dreams of Horus"? You appear to favour this style of expression over others of the past, and there are sure signs of a confident hand at work. The "floating eyes" is a motif that has appeared in a few of your previous pieces. I seem to recall seeing it for the first time in your Hundertwasser presentation. It takes on greater significance here as Isis is in a dream state.
Your half moon adds drama to the scene. Very captivating.

Anonymous said...

hi Hennie!
Congrats on the wonderful work at the SWgallery. All of your pieces looked super. What a lovely big turnout for the opening. Good show.