Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mounting the Black Madonna Show

On the left is one of 5 pieces I have in the Black Madonnas show. It is about 2 feet by 10 inches, mixed media. I call it "Full of Grace" a phrase I remember from an oft repeated prayer.

I spent most of yesterday helping Tim Soper (curator, he's in the photo on the right) and Sandra Whitton (gallery owner) hang the Black Madonna show. It was a good experience, Sandra has lots of expertise and seeing her in action was great. I'll be mounting a group show in July and have come to appreciate that displaying the art is an art in itself. Each piece needs to be considered in terms of lighting, neighbouring pieces, wall surface, height, and the impact of distant and close viewing. We finished up by 5pm with most of the work effectively mounted and ready for the opening on Saturday. Tim's vision is coming to fruition. Sandra has kindly let her gallery be "hijacked" for a unique show that features artists of all ages and all levels of experience.


Silverbear said...

This is superb!!!!
It's the universal madonna and child without the distractions that often detract from the simple beauty of the image. I love the way that you've sculpted the figures. Very striking contrasts.

Anonymous said...

Great to see all your photos from the opening. I'm not sure I told you how beautiful i think this piece Isis Dreams of Horus is...but it really stood out for me.