Thursday, January 10, 2008

True North

True North 10" X 20"

I think this one is done. It has had many incarnations over the past few weeks but has finally emerged as something with which I am satisfied. Punching up the values and adding more colour made a big difference. My inspiration is the Canadian north and although I haven't been as far north as this might suggest, it is much like the Labrador coastal area I visited a few years ago. Big bold landscapes, powerful skies, little vegetation. There I felt like I was on the surface of the earth, not nestled in trees and granite and limestone as I am here in southern Ontario.
I'll be a adding this one to the show I am having with Sally Chupick at Frameworks Gallery in Kingston. Our opening is Sunday, February 24, 1-4 pm; the show will continue for the month of March and April.


painterchum said...

ooh this one is a stunner. Very dynamic. Shall look forward to seeing it at the show.

Anonymous said...

This piece is bursting with exuberance. It makes me feel there should be wonderful classical music playing. The land could dance at any minute. cyberchick

René PleinAir. said...

Wow, this ones feels great!

although I am not so sure about the far horizon, feels like it could be a little more fuzier (?)

Do you know the work of Pól Skardenni a painter from the Faroe Island, ...

Hans said...

Wow,this one is very nice.
I would like to have this painting hanging in my house any time.
It gives you a very peaceful feeling like if you were alone at that bib bold landscape.
very beautiful.
From a Dutch fan who already has one painting from you wich i still admire everyday.
Thanks and may you paint many more.

Emele said...

Thanks for writing this.