Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jonas Gerard

In February I will be travelling to Asheville NC for a weekend workshop with Jonas Gerard. Jonas will not be teaching any techniques, rather this is called a BE Workshop. Get in touch with your inner artist, just BE, express yourself. Sounds a little 60's and a little scary. What if a really strange and messed up inner artist emerges? Maybe she should stay bottled up? I was going to travel to Asheville on my own but after talking to Jonas and telling my husband what the workshop is about he has decided he and the dog will accompany me. Jonas confidently and calmly told me that this workshop will change my life! G (husband) will ensure that my life doesn't change my life too much and that all 3 of us return to Canada the way we left.
I'm looking forward to an advance preview of Jonas, Friday night on ABC's 20-20.


Silverbear said...

This trip will help you to survey and explore the possibilities. It's good to be able to "release" the inner muse with someone who has obviously also travelled down that road. He appears to be quite a colourful personality. I'll watch his program if it airs out here in BC.
I eagerly await your impressions of this encounter.

Nancy Standlee said...

Please let us know how the Gerard workshop turned out. I met the artist at a Tx. show a few weeks ago at Southlake and posted a photo on my blog and now would love to see some performance art in person. I love your landscapes also.. nice work.