Friday, December 28, 2007

My Narrative Past

Asta Yawns oil on canvas 25 X 38"
Since I was a kid I've created narrative paintings - pictures of objects, landscapes, people etc. Lately my work is becoming more nonobjective, impressionistic, abstract and expressive.
Here is one of the first paintings I thought was worth framing and showing off. It was one of 2 pieces I submitted for a juried arts show, it wasn't chosen though my second entry (a portrait of my mother) was selected. Of course this one will always be a winner for me, it's my dog Asta yawning nervously. Painting the fur gave me fits but I loosened up and out it came. Two glasses of wine helped release the inner fur painter in me.


Sally said...

Hi Hennie,
Great to see you up and blogging! Love to see your work on the site, and who cares if it has a good intro, bio or fellow artists just wanna see your fluff needed. It looks good. I like all 3 pieces so far!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I love the angle and the colours on this, beautiful!