Friday, December 28, 2007

Starting in the Middle

I have probably started at least 10 art blogs, some here and some at WordPress. I've wrestled with trying to come up with really clever intro's, a great bio and a nicely ordered presentation of my art. The blog just wasn't coming together so now I've decided to just jump in, where I'm at now, and add the sensible stuff later. Or not.
Here's a recent painting-

"August" 23 X 40" mixed media on canvas

I have been painting a lot of field pictures, trying to capture their simple beauty in a loose impressionist or abstract way. This one was done outdoors and if you click to enlarge it you will see the help I had from Mother Nature. While working it started to rain softly, leaving dots on the wet acrylic. This happy accident added to the feel of the piece and I didn' try to correct it. Since then I have tried to copy the small rain dots on new work using a spray bottle. But it has been impossible to recreate the lovely dots of real rain.


G said...

This remains my all time favourite. I must say, however, that the reproductions here are pale imitations, ghosts, of the real thang. Anyway, it's the oil crayon bits that do it for me. When you showed it to me I had the same visceral reaction that I had to the Picassos at the Barnes Collection and the Musee de Beaux Arts QC. Knocks my socks off!

J said...

This is just stunning! Where's the "real thang"??

Artmosphere said...

The "real thang" (G likes to keep in touch with his Texas roots) is currently in my kitchen but can be seen at Frameworks in Kingston ON starting Feb 24! I'm having a little show.