Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A dry spell

Finally something new to show after a dry spell in the studio.  This piece (12" X 24) is nearing completion.  I've been experimenting with my love (compulsion?) to portray flat horizon lines.  The calmness of a simple and strong horizontal is what I am drawn to do and when I manipulate it even a little, I find it unsettling.  The slight rise in the green hill seems too determined.  I'm hearing Julie Andrews "The hills are aliiiivvvvve .... and it's kind of creeee-eppeey!"


Silverbear said...

I really like the sky and the trees in this piece. The presence of the ribbon of brown sort of distract my eye from the broad scene. The line in the tree tops is a paradox - something I need to deal with - but often that's what I see when I view of stand of trees. I love birch trees -

Glad to see you back in "the groove".


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity to view your most recent offering of December 16th. There is something truly wonderful, magical about the feel that the image creates for me, the viewer. It feels light, airy, positive and very inspiring. If you ask me....and I know you didn't......I wouldn't change much. I know you said it was almost done. I will be interested to know what you name the piece...DS

Artmosphere said...

Thanks DS. Not sure yet what to name the piece. I find that very difficult but have started to adopt the KISS approach. Keep it simple, give the viewer room to see it in their own way in terms of deeper meanings. "Yellow Sky" might work.

Catherine Gutsche on said...

I'm liking the 3 levels of landscape depicted here.