Monday, August 3, 2009

A glazing fiesta

"80F- hot, dry and clear"

"90F - hot, hazy and humid"

These are 2 little pieces (part of 6 paintings called the "Weather Series") that I sold at the eee show. Each is 5" X 7" . Working this small is new for me but the small size really allows me to focus and explore working with very wet acrylics.

This weekend I started on 12 more minis, working on all of them simultaneously. After many many glazes there are 6 that are close to being done, 3 that I will likely sand off, re-gesso and start over. Three more still need a lot of work before they sing.

Here are a couple that are starting to hum:


Silverbear said...

It is easy to see that a lot of work has gone into these 2 pieces. It is far more difficult to paint on a smaller space than a larger one. There is no room for error. There is a dramatic contrast that does not overlap. The one on the right is quite vivid and active,
while the one on the left is more contemplative.
I can't get over how the technique and style differ so much from the one below (Moveable Feast). You have certainly appeared to have successfully mastered the transition from one to the other. The one below displays such a playfulness, a lightness of being, while the ones above are more deliberate and focused. It is hard to believe that they were both painted by the same artist. Such an ability to encompass such broadly different styles attests to the first rate calibre of your skill, and the expansive fertility of your rich imagination.

Anonymous said...

it's such a liberating feeling working simultaneously on many pieces and fun to see them develop as a family but differently too. I'm enjoying 90F as i type this:)