Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Before and After

These two paintings are the same canvas. The lower one is a piece I did last winter, very soft and atmospheric, thin paint that looked like water colour. Above it is the piece reworked, much bolder. I'm not sure it is better but it has a very different feel.
I have been attacking older pieces, anything is fair game. There are some paintings that are perfect as they are, at least in my mind. But lately it is survival of the fittest. The studio is stuffed with canvases and the runts have to beef up. Mean. That's me the mean painter. Even the newset one may not survive the week.


Silverbear said...

The top piece is certainly much bolder - I prefer it to the one at the bottom. You've kept the horizon at the same position on the canvas. The bottom piece conveys an uncertainty - a holding back so to speak whereas the top one presents a direct statement of your progress. The layers are defined - more determined - more confident. You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a forward thinking artist who revisits older works and breathes new life into them. It sounds like you are having a ball!